Friday, 17 March 2017

It's been a while

I've been plugging away at boat bits on and off, through periods of work, ill health and other bits that get in the way.  Here's the progress so far.  All the bulkheads done, some of the spars made and the keelson now laminated. All ready to go really.  Picture shows most bits in the garden with daughter, dog and Hills Hoist for scale

Centreboard case is also made - just put in the pad for the centreboard hoist tonight. It's good to be making progress again.  All I need now is to clear enough space in the garage to set up the building frame........


  1. Welcome back. Phil R (builder and owner of Penguin "Ann Martin")

  2. John great to stumble across your blog, I'm considering building a Penguin myself so it's useful reading material. Please keep posting.